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    Lunatica Interview anglais

Lunatica (Anglais) (Par Email)



01 – Hi !! congratulations for your great “Fables & Dreams”, and welcome on Truemetalzic.

Hi. I'm Andrea from Lunatica. Thank you very much for your compliment and your interest.


02 - Can you present the band, as I think people don’t know much about you…

Lunatica has its home in the Swiss german part of Switzerland and was formed by Alex (keyboards) and Sandro (guitar) in 1998. After a long search for a lead singer I joined the band in october 2000 and we immediately began with the recordings of our debut album "Atlantis" which was released in april 2001. After a few changes we are happy to have found now our permanent line up with Andy (guitar), who is a member since the beginning and the new guys Emilio (bass guitar) and Ronnie (drums).  After the great success of "Atlantis" we recorded last year in september our second album "Fables & Dreams" which was released in Switzerland in february 2004 and in october 2004 in the rest of thee world. 


03 - Why have you chosen this bandname "Lunatica" ?

It was an idea of Sandro. One evening Alex and sandro met each other to write a song. On this evening there was a big fullmoon outside and Sandro suggested to call the band "Lunatica". He is italian and in this language the word means beeing crazy but it contents also the word moon. They found also the sound of the word nice.


04 - What are your favourite tracks on the album, and why ?

I think each of us has a different favourite track and it can also change from month to month. To me personally it's at the moment "Elements" because there are many different parts in it. To Sandro it has always been "Neverending Story", he likes the rythm of this track..


05 - What are your musical influences ?  What are your inspirations when you write songs ?

Each of us has different musical influences. That goes from Elvis to death metal to movie scores, which Alex likes a lot. I think a composition reflects very often the ambiance of a moment, how the composer felt at this time. We have noticed that there are days that are better to write songs than other ones. Sometimes Alex for example plays piano at home, just for playing, and the ideas come while he tries out some sounds.


06 – What are the lyrical aspects you develop in your songs ?

There are lyrics on the album that are pure fantasy such as "Avalon" which is based on the novel "The mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley or "The Spell" which tells us from a fight between a siren and a sailor. There are others like "Still Believe" or "Fable of Dreams" where I want to give a positive message to the people: Believe in yourself, realize your dreams. But be respectful to other inividuals. It is a mix of Fantasy and impressions of the daily life.


07 - What are your projects now ? What is Lunatica's planning for the next months ? Tourdates in France soon ?

I hope we can find a niche between the other melodic metal bands and establish ourselves there. First we would like to do a little tour to present our band to the people outside of Switzerland. We would love to play in France but we have no concrete offers at the moment. And then we would love to record a third album next year. We already booked the studios.


08 - Are you satisfied about the album "Fables And Dreams" and the Sasha Paeth’s work ?

We are really satisfied this time. It was a great experience to record the album at Gate Studios. Sascha is a very simple and friendly person and he could give us some good advices for the recordings. We were not used to work that professional before and we were really happy that Sascha did produce this album.


09 - Thanks a lot for your answers, your last word to our readers ?

Hello to all readers of Truemetalzic! We thank you for your big support and we hope to be able to do some concerts in France next year. Take care!





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