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    Gloomy Grim Interview anglais

Gloomy Grim (Anglais) (Par Email)



Interview with Agathon (Vocals/Keyboards) :

1. foremost, what happened for Gloomy Grim between the year 2001 and the Written in Blood release and the end of 2004 and the Grand Hammering release?

When new record comes out, it usually is like I start to do immediately some new material and then then inspiration is lost. I don’t know why this happen, but maybe I get so much boost from being in studio or something.This happened after "Written..." too. I did few new songs, which are in "The Grand..." and then I just started to do some other things and those things took more of my interest, than making music. Like fixing my motorcycle, video stuff etc., but all the time I think about some riffs and ideas in my head. Like lyrics took me one night to wrote down before the recordings of my singing parts in "The Grand..".They were ready in my head already. So, all in all, I don’t know why it took so long, it just took.I do music when I feel like it and if it takes 10 years to make next record, then it takes. Or maybe I get huge inspiration and start to do songs after I have wrote this interview. I dont know.


2. even if that man wasn't near the music of Gloomy Grim, you have surrely learn about Dimebag Darrel's death... did you know this man ? And have you ever lived such an experience during a live performance ?

I didn’t knew him. I am sure that it affect in gigs, at least in USA. There will be more security checks etc.I wonder that this hasn’t happened before. When you are on the stage, you are really easy target to someone. I haven’t had that kind of experiences, but we usually have chainsaw at the stage…It keeps unwanted people away.


3. Now the Grand Hammering album is out since little time. What have been the echoes received ?

In Finland I have had quite bad reviews in major magazines, but that was what I expected. People in those mags are not really into Metal, they are more like cross over people, who listen Metal when they want to listen aggressive music. Otherwise they listen pop or something crap like that. Reviews whose I have had from Metal people have been just opposite. Actually this is how it should be. I have never thought that we will please everyone.


4. The finish metal scene is quite strong on these days but is not really known for its black metal scene. how does it come-along to be one of the black metal band in a country famed for speed metal groups ?

I think that we have nowadays many BM bands, but unfortunately many of them have started to follow this NSBM crap.


5. yet a propos of the new album, how would you describe the music and the words of this new production ?

It is kind of different than others and I really like of how it turned out. I want to develop my musical aspects and this time it came out this way. I am always into Metal and development doesn’t mean that I’ll have to start to do hip hop or some other crap for the sake of difference. I mean development like Motörhead turned into Venom and Venom into Bathory, you know. My music has just gone “backwards”, I have gone deeper into the roots of  extreme Metal and to where I started my listening of Metal. Even this is different GG album, it can definitely be said as Gloomy Grim stuff. Most important thing, which you can notice right away in this CD is that it has less of keyboards than before. In my opinion that earlier style wasn’t bad, but I got bored into it. Now guitars have more space and when keyboards come along with them, they have more impact into the whole guitar riff.


6. have you, as on the other albums, written alone the entire music of The Grand Hammering ?

Yes, except the song Lucifer’s Hammers, where I got help from our second guitarist Mörgoth


7. for me, this album is in the vein of the Gloomy Grim piece but with something more diversified, with more different vibrancy as in the past. what do you think of this analysis ?

That’s good analysis and I agree.


8. The occult have always played a great role in Gloomy Grim life, in the music as in the words. But what do you sear for in this philosophy and why does it interest you ?

Since I live in christian country it is quite obvious to me that I have grown to be opposite side as they are and because of that, it can be labelled as Satanism. I hate their hypocrisy and “sheepness” most and to me Lucifer symbolize freedom of choice and that is one thing what christians fear. All religions have created, because there are so many weak people who don’t believe in themselves and with some religion they are easy to control and keep in line. According to bible you’ll notice that Lucifer was god’s favourite and most powerful angel as long as He turned against god and asked “why?». To me this incident represents just that part of every religion, which I hate. You must stand in line to get “approved». To me Satanism or Satan are symbols for true nature of man, which is really similar to animal, but religious groups try to hide that animal in every man. People are afraid of themselves and they fear to live their life without thinking: “what someone would think about me, if I do this or that?». Like Crowley said “do what thou wilt, that shall be whole of the law” has understood by religious groups that you should kill people or harm them. That in my way of thinking is just misinterpret. It doesn’t mean that you have to be asshole to someone, it also mean that you can do nice things to others. Do what thou wilt. If I would like to be Evil, I would turn into catholic. GG represent me as I am.


9. A last word for the ones who'll read this interview ?

The Grand Hammering is coming! Check it out and try to get that DVD copy. There’s lots of interesting stuff in it. Fuck The World, Kill The Jehovah!


Thanks to Agathon for having answered these few questions

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