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    Eminence Interview anglais

Eminence (Anglais) (Par Email)



Interview with Jairo Guedz (Bass) :

1. First of all, can you tell us more about Eminence and the story of the band ?

We started at 1995 and since then we had played a lot in Brazil and Latin America and also in Europe. Eminence recorded it’s first single in 1997 and the debut album Chaotic System came out in 1998. The second and last album Humanology was recorded in Texas/US under production of the English known producer Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore, Judas Priest, Queen, David Bowie, Deicide, etc...)


2. when I heard the guitar riffs of Humanology, I can't help me thinking about Fear Factory. Is that one of your influences?

Yes...sure. We couldn’t do anything powerfully and put all the aggression we need to without comparing Eminence with such good bands like Fear Factory, Machine Head, Slayer...etc...


3. Brasilian, and South American, metal scene is quite stronger now. What is it like to evolve within that scene, close to famous bands like Angra ?

We always work as a professional band...the Brazilian market is not so good or easy. We had to create our own ways to reach a successful path for EMINENCE. Angra, Sepultura and some other bands did the same. We are very proud to be like this and to be seeing as a very powerful and professional band by the Brazilian people.


4. We all see Brazil as a religious country but how is it really ? Do you feel inspired by religion, in whatever way ?

Yes...this is a very religious country but without any kind of extremists or EMINENCE we have 3 different kinds of religions...Alan and Wallace have their own though, Andre has another one and I have my own too...we do not take inspiration by that...this is not the kind of matter we would like to put in our lyrics...but sometimes, people "use" God in a very strange way or use Him to get something else totally different from religion...that's when I accept to put this motherfuckers in my lyrics...and I will do that someday.


5. In my opinion, Eminence is a trash/electro/death metal band. But how would you define the music you play ?

Metal...sickness and aggressive. Maybe a mix between hard core and trash/death metal...


6. What do we have to understand by the art-work illustrating the front of the album jacket ?

A human being...just that. The only difference is that you can not say where is his soul, or if he is using a make up, or even if he is a robot..."he" is plugged by cables and wires, attached on something he can not get free...and this "prison" is changing him every second, transforming, creating another human being diferent from the first one...


7. Do you know anything of French metal scene ? If yes, which band do you like or hate ?

No I don't...but I know Serge it right...???


8. I let you the final word to tell us whatever you want.

Thanx everyone for giving attention to the Eminence’s music. We would like to play alive for you guys someday...hope to see you there. Believe in your hearts and keep metal alive.


 Thanks to Jairo for the time spent on this interview


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