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    Fear My Thougths Interview anglais

Fear My Thougths (Anglais)(Par Email)



01 - Hi, first, thanks answering this interview. And could you start it with a little biography of your group ?

hi! I'm Matt, I do the singing at FMT. I'll be the one who's rresponsible for this interview.

FMT was found seven years ago by Pat, Lex, Bart and me. At this time we were mostly into oldschool hardcore, since we liked the music at that time and since everyone of us, except for Pat, wasn't too skilled, playing his instrument.

We played some shows and recorded a demotape. After some time we asked a friend of us, whether he wanted to join us playing the second guitar. unfortunately he was very lazy and not the brightest one. So we decided that it would be best to dump him. Luckily for us Markus agreed in joning us. Boosted with his skills we moved on to develop a more metal orientated sound.

well. And there we are. we still have the same line-up. and still stick to our self set maximes: do whatever we think that's right and whatever we like...


02 - Your new album "The Great Collapse" is just out, and is really excellent. But how was the other reviews ?

Thanks for your feedback. i'm glad you're enjoying it. Basicly the reviews were mainly positive. But there were some that didn't llike our new sound or the new development we made. but this is just understandable: The more people get access to your music, the more opinions you have. And sometimes it's more helpfull to get negative feedback. So one can see were the weak points of us are.


03 - Could you explain to us the concept of the album ? What does it talk about ?

Actually there's no real concept behind the album. Everything we wanted to do was make the sound patterns more easy. We wanted to write songs that have more structure in them. By that it's more easy to understand the songs and get to know to them quicker.

Lyrical wise i wrote about things that concerned and moved me:

The great collapse: THis one deals with the fact, that everybody tries to built up his own security by whatever means. unfortunately there'll always be a point where this whole construct will collapse sooner or later.

Rituals: No matter what we change in our live. some things never change. Beginning with the fact that we always have a hierachie everyone obbeys to, this continues with the fear of everyone of us to something against that, since we seem to be afraid to lose our place in society.

Sirens singing: It seems like everything that is of importance nowadays, is what we consume. It's not important what we are but what we posses. The little quiete voice within us is often not heard because the advertising screams so loud.

Hollow inside: I tried to describe the feeling that spreads when nothing remains but doubts whether the things one does are really worth doing it.

Challenge: It's always easy to moan and complain or blame others about all the things that are going wrong in our society. but we have to accept, that we all are part of this construct called society. So if there's something we argue about we might have to be honest and accept that we take part in many things if we don't do anything against it.

Mission immortality: Everything we do or say is always aims to the goal that we want to survive death. the worst thing about dying is, that we are forgotten afterwards. no one seems to want to accept that. But in the end it doesn't matter what we do. It's always just a matter of time until we are forgotten...

Reign: If we compare our modern western world. Parallels to the roman empire can't be overseen. What we have in common, too, is the fact that we are very arrogant and ignorant if it comes to the acceptance of different cultures. After the empire drowned in corruption and lethargie,  it vanished. I feel like we are heading towards the same abyss...


04 - The label describe your album as "Métalcore music". Don't you believe that you could be described as a métalcore band with thrash/death marked influences ?

I think that we are described as MEtalcore since most people can deal with this  describtion. I for myself wouldn't use the term, since i think, that we do have more to offer than the bands that are known to do metalcore. But in the end it's always the people listening to our music who say, how they'd classify what we do.

05 - Still about the métalcore/hardcore, what do you think about the nowadays hardcore ? You know  "frenchcore" ?

I have to admit, that i know very little about the French scene. So far we unfortunately just played one show in France. We'd really like to change that but didn't get the chance so far to do so.

WHat do i think about hardcore? Well, when i started to become a member of the scene i was more enthusiastic about everything gong on. I felt like everyone was active and aware of the things going on. Furthermore i felt like everyone was very tolerant and what not. But after some years i now can say that there are only few who are as open and hardcore as many claim to be. This is quite a pitty. But that's just the way it seems to me


06 - Which are the influences of the band ?

There are so many influences taht it's really impossible to name them all. Furthermore I can only speak about myself.

Off course Metal is a very important influence. I'd name bands like SOilwork, In FLames, Dew Sented, Death, Hatesphere eg. But there are other bands as well, that do influence me in whatever way: Beatles, Coldplay, Hot Water Music, International Noise Conspiracy,...


07 - Which are the band you personnaly like ?

Oops, i feel, like i just answered this one...


08 - "The Great Collapse" is now your third album and the first with Lifeforce Records. Are you satisfied with the label ?

We're definetely satisfied with the great work they're doing at Lifeforce. Although the label's really big, they do care much about us as a band. Apart from that, Stefan is a real cool guy, who i like a lot...


09 - Other projects now ? Are tourdates planned in Europe or especially in France ?

We just returned from a tour through Europe with Herod (us). As i already said there weren't any dates in France(which is really sad). We do play some shows ( for example the pressure fest in Gremany). But we're concentrating more on writing new songs righte now as we want to record a new album next year. APart from that we haven't planned anything bigger yet, but we always like to be surprised...

10 - Thanx for precious time, last words are yours.

Thanks for giving us the chance to talk about FMT´. It would really be a pleasure for us  toplay some shows in France. Hopefully we'll getthere one day.

Take care and merci beaucoup



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